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Welcome to, created and updated by Ryan Moss.  My hopes are to post news about upcoming enduro events, results from each race, and points standings from each series.  The series that I try to cover are: AMA District 14, 16, 17, 23 and IERA events.  I will try to provide a simple and efficient way of getting the information out to the Midwest Enduro Riders.




I want to help promote your event and to provide information to the riders.  So get your information to me and I will get it posted up for you.  I can post before / after race information, route sheets, results, etc.  Preferred methods are Microsoft Excel, Word, or PDF Files.


New Enduro Riders:


Please check out the About Enduros tab to get information about the sport of enduros.  Lots of your questions can be answered there.




UP Sandstormers Loose Moose Survey:

The UP Sandstormers are considering swapping the days for the 2016 Mini Moose / Loose Moose enduros.

The Loose Moose would be held on Saturday (June 11th) with a 1pm key time, and the Mini Moose held on Sunday morning (June 12th). The intent is to help get riders home earlier on Sunday.

This question was asked at the awards banquet, and we are now seeking input from a larger group of riders.

If you have plans to attend this year's Loose Moose and/or Mini Moose enduros (tentative or otherwise), please take 60 seconds to complete this two question survey. If you don't plan on attending either of these enduros, please skip the survey.



District 17 Banquet:

Is this weekend.  For details check here: Banquet Info  If you can't make it but can have someone pick up your awards please let me know. 


Family Enduro Series Update:


 April 16 – Roselawn, IN                      August 6 – Bentley, MI

 May 1 -  Kalkaska, MI                        August 20 – Moorestown, MI

 June 11 – Marquette, MI                    September 10 – Greenville, OH

 June 25 – Matthews, IN                      September 24 – Fife Lake, MI

 July 9  -  Fairview, MI                         November 5 – New Paris, IN

Our final event of the 2015 season will be our banquet in Mt. Pleasant on January 23rd. The following riders are invited to accept their year end awards:

Buddy class - Sarah Morgan

4-6 year old - 1st Jacob Harter and 2nd Dozer Morgan

7-8 year old - 1st Chasen Orme, 2nd Hunter Harter and 3rd Grant Johnson

9-11 year old - 1st Joshua Lee, 2nd Brett Krumanaker, 3rd Joshua Bohnette, 4th Elyot Dings, 5th Parker Mills, 6th Alexander Dings, 7th Adam Geiger, 8th Dillon Christensen, 9th Ezra Smith and 10th Brock Krumanaker

12-13 year old - 1st Jospeh Kraemer, 2nd Justin Kurncz, 3rd Fletcher Collins, 4th Jimmie Adams, 5th Kyle Bush, 6th Kyle Dittrich, and 7th Dailin Wilson

14-15 year old - 1st Glenn Sipes, 2nd Kane Kimmel, 3rd William Woods, 4th Gage Fedewa, 5th Gavin Mills, 6th Tyler Bacon, and 7th Lewis Geiger

Womens 11-15 year old - 1st Ashlee Smith, 2nd Anna Dick, 3rd Hallie Mills, 4th Katelynn Smith

Womens 16+ - 1st Taylor Carpenter, 2nd Susan Fisher, 3rd Stephanie Williams, 4th Michelle Dalton, 5th Ashley Mills, 6th Victoria Carpenter, 7th Amy Pelaston, 8th Shelby Handrich, 9th Gretchern Orme and 10th Stacie Smith

16-39 year old - 1st Zachary Nabozny, 2nd Neel Bhagat, 3rd Paul Huebner, 4th Steve Barkby, 5th Adam Harner, 6th Spencer Flannery,7th Jerrod Engler and 8th Will Schwartz

40-54 year old - 1st Tony Vollmar, 2nd Steve Beane, 3rd Rob Delinsky, 4th Dicky Bhagat, 5th Wayne Crawford and 6th Shawne Collins

55+ year old - 1st Dave Barclay, 2nd Karl Schwartz, 3rd Floyd Allen, 4th Stephen Bacon, 5th Jeff Gibson, 6th Chester Micinski, 7th Bill Larson and 8th Dave Mihal

For Banquet info click here: Banquet


District 17 Awards list:

I've updated the awards list with sizing.  For this year 1st place will be getting a jacket and hoodie, 2nd and down will be getting a hoodie.  Please check your size listed and let me know if you want it changed. 

Also if I don't have a picture for class winners please get it to me asap. 



District 17 Sanction Meeting follow up:

Last Saturday we had the annual sanction meeting and we had one rule change for enduros regarding worker points.  Hopefully this change will get more people to work before and after an enduro and not just the day off.  Rule change:

Clubs can award a worker either 30pts or 40pts for working the event.  If the worker worked before, day of, after and the club feels the worker deserves it they can award him 40pts.  If the worker only worked the day of, a day before, a day after, etc the can award the standard 30pts.  Working more then one event the average stays the same. 

If there are any questions please let me know.  For clubs I'll be getting you a form I created so you can document the workers and the points awarded. 

Tentative Schedule (looks pretty solid right now):

Date Type Info Club Location Description Notes
4/17/2016 End S Grand Kankakee Trail Riders Roselawn, IN    
8/6/2016 End S Turkey Scratch Enduro Riders Fremont, IA All Off-Road  
8/7/2016 End S Turkey Scratch Enduro Riders Fremont, IA All Off-Road  
8/13/2016 End S Hill and Gully Riders Roselawn, IN All Off-Road  
8/14/2016 End S Hill and Gully Riders Roselawn, IN    
9/11/2016 End S SE WI Enduro Riders Adams, WI All Off-Road  
9/18/2016 End S Missouri Mudders Park Hills, MO National All Off-Road
9/25/2016 End S WFO Promotions Geneseo, IL    
10/9/2016 End S Muddobbers M/C  Upland, IN    
10/16/2016 End S Cahokia Creek Dirt Riders White City, IL    
11/6/2016 End S Riders MC Goshen, IN    
11/13/2016 End S Forest City Riders MC Leaf River, IL All Off-Road  
Dual Sports
Date Type Info Club Location Description  
7/30/2016 DS S Brush Poppers Morrison, IL   Saturday Event
9/24/2016 DS S WFO Promotions Geneseo, IL   Saturday Event
11/6/2016 DS S Brush Poppers Sterling, IL    
11/12/2016 DS S Forest City Riders Leaf River, IL   Saturday Event

District 14 2016 Schedule:

Date  Event Name  Club / Promoter  City, State 
4/17/2016 Sand Goblin Enduro  Grand Kankakee Trail Riders  Roselawn, IN 
5/15/2016 TBTR Enduro  Twin Bay Trail Riders  Copemish, MI 
6/12/2016 Loose Moose Enduro  UP Sandstormers  Marquette, MI 
7/10/2016 Grizzly Enduro  Singletrack Off-Road Events  Fairview, MI 
7/17/2016 Knuckle Buster Enduro  Knuckle Buster Riders  Greenville, MI 
8/7/2016 Bark Buster Enduro  Valley Trail Riders  Bentley, MI 
8/14/2016 Summer Bummer  Hill & Gully Riders  Roselawn, IN 
8/21/2016 Jack Pine Enduro  Lansing Motorcycle Club  Moorestown, MI
10/9/2016 Muddobber Enduro  Muddobbers M/C  Matthews, IN 
11/6/2016 Turkey Creek Enduro  Riders M/C  New Paris, IN 
11/13/2016 Peace Pipe Enduro  Treaty City M/C  Greenville, OH 

General Website update:

I noticed the result page is missing a bunch of results and some of the contact info is bad.  I'll try to get all the fixed up as soon as I can.  With the new webserver I'm on updating isn't as easy as it was and I must have overwrote the results page somehow. 


District 17 Final Points:

Couple updates were made so this should be final.  We have the D17 board meeting this Saturday so I'll know about awards payout and get a listed posted up early next week. 

Reminder if you are a class winner please get me an action picture, high resolution if possible, for the year end plaque.  Thanks to riders that have already sent one in.  


Bikes for sale:

I have my sons 2010 KX85 for sale: $1700obo  Email me for details

My 2015 KTM 350XC-F is also for sale.  Email me for details

General FYI about scoring and protest period:

This season I've received more than the usual amount of communications about a riders score being wrong long after the event is over.  While most cases the scores did have issues it is long past the protest period that is held at the event.  Per the AMA rules once the protest period is over the results are final.  What this means is it's the riders responsibility to stay and make sure your score is correct, not bail to get home early and then call, txt, email two days later that you score was wrong and it should be fixed.  Yes I know everyone has a long drive and sometimes you just have to leave so if that is the case have a buddy check for you.  While it's no fun for you to have a messed up score it's no fun for a rider to think he got X place at the event then when points are posted he got X.  And truth be told it's no fun for the Directors of each series to be in the middle of that.  So please stay or have your score checked, especially if you are a point’s chaser and want the correct score / points.

District 17 Rider Survey:

Thanks to the riders that have been filling this out.  Nice to get feedback and see where things can improve.  For those that haven't filled it out it's still open and always good to get more feedback. 

As I stated earlier I'm looking for ways to improve the series.  I hope to share this info with clubs to create a better series and get the rider turnouts back up.  I went ahead and created a quick survey hoping this was an easier way for people to provide thoughts.  It shouldn't take long so please run through it.



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