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Welcome to, created and updated by Ryan Moss.  My hopes are to post news about upcoming enduro events, results from each race, and points standings from each series.  The series that I try to cover are: AMA District 14, 16, 17, 23 and IERA events.  I will try to provide a simple and efficient way of getting the information out to the Midwest Enduro Riders.




I want to help promote your event and to provide information to the riders.  So get your information to me and I will get it posted up for you.  I can post before / after race information, route sheets, results, etc.  Preferred methods are Microsoft Excel, Word, or PDF Files.


New Enduro Riders:


Please check out the About Enduros tab to get information about the sport of enduros.  Lots of your questions can be answered there.




Cahokia Creek Dirt Riders Big Red Enduro Results and Helmet Cam:


Test 1    Test 2


Forest City Riders Dual Sport and Enduro Flyers:

Dual Sport    Enduro


Cahokia Creek Dirt Riders Big Red Enduro FYI:

The Big Red will be using LiveLaps for scoring.  If you have a scoring tag please bring it with.  If you don't have one you can purchase one at signup for $10.00.

Treaty City Peace Pipe Enduro Flyer:



Cahokia Creek Dirt Riders Big Red Enduro Flyer:



WFO Promotions Silver Dollar Enduro Helmet Cam:

Test 1    Test 2    Test 3    Test 4    Test 5

Reminder Up Sandstormers Mad Moose Extreme Enduro update from the club:

Trail is coming along nicely! LOTS of brand new trail!

We are working on making the event very spectator friendly, with lots of good viewing points that are easily accessable. We would advise good walking/hiking boots as the terrain is rugged.

I have personally ridden sections One and Three, and I hope to get a lap on Section Two this weekend:

- Section One is a great introduction to the terrain. About six miles in length, itís an awesome trail to provide some good challenges to the riders. Not to be underestimated, it is a great start to the Mad Moose Hard Enduro!

- Section Three is the final loop. It is TOUGH! Itís an 8 mile section where you may want to consider teaming up with someone! It is all rideable, and with having ridden two challenging sections prior to this, it will be a test of not only skill but fitness as well!

Weíve been busy working on the race logistics, too. Given the format and trail layout, we anticipate that it will be a full day of racing! Tentatively, we anticipate the winner crossing the finish line at approximately 5.30pm.

Pre-Entry    Mad Moose Info    AMA Extreme Info


Riders MC Turkey Gobbler Enduro Sign Up is now open:



District 17 Enduro Points are Updated:



WFO Promotions Silver Dollar Dual Sport and Enduro Results:


A note about the scoring:

As many of you know there was a scoring issue that came up and it was not a LiveLaps issue, it was a human error and I take full blame.  One of the phones wasn't set to the proper check number for check 4.  It was set to check 2 instead of 4.  They didn't have coverage at that check so as soon as they brought back the phone to upload it overwrote the original check 2 times.  And it made it look like riders hadn't gotten scored at check 4.  The good news is all the data was still in the phones so instead of having to search the back up sheets we just pulled up the phone data and corrected everything.  We had planned on awards by 3:30 but this error put us behind about an hour.  Other good news was you got to sit at a cool bar and support the landowner for a little longer.

My apologies to the club and the riders for this mix up. Hard lesson learned to triple check and check again at the next one.

There were also two riders that switched scoring tags on accident.  This is what made a 40B rider look like he was winning everything.  Having a wrong tag had him going in 7 minutes early to each test.  That we had to going to the backups and correct, the club did great with the backup sheets so it was easy to correct. 


WFO Promotions Silver Dollar Dual Sport and Enduro update:

Looks like they will have a 50 mile loop for both events.  The Dual Sport will have easy outs on some of the course.  Reminder that they are using LiveLaps so bring your scoring tag if you have one.  If you don't have one they will be available for $10.

Note this year they will only be running "reese's" woods once and have broke it up into two test.  This was the technical section last year that wore a lot of riders out.  The club is trying hard to make this a technical but fun enduro and this year should be a good one.

Flyer    Enduro Info    Dual Sport Info    Enduro Sign Up Form

MO Mudders Lead Belt National Enduro Helmet Cam:

Test 1    Test 2    Test 3    Test 4    Test 5    Test 6


Riders MC Turkey Creek Enduro Sign Up FYI:

Seems that everyone wants Row 30 but it's full already.  If you can look at the available rows before signing up and choose an available row that will make things work smoother.  There is a small bug with only Row 30 that when you pick it the system is giving out row 1 since row 30 is full already. 


Enduro Riders Association Little Bur Enduro (ACES Series) has been cancelled:

The enduro for this weekend has been cancelled.  Please spread the word. 

Riders MC Turkey Gobbler and Turkey Creek Enduro Update:

For the family enduro they will be using Mototally and sign is open.  For the regular enduro they will be using LiveLaps and sign up is open as well.  If you have a LiveLaps scoring tag from the Roselawn, IN (or other D17 races) or any ACES events please bring it along to sign up.  If you don't have on they will have them available for purchase at sign up.  You will need to create a LiveLaps account before signing up (it's free).

NOTE:  For the Sunday enduro you will need lights mounted!!

Flyers    Family Enduro Sign Up    Sunday Sign up

Family Enduro Series Fife Lake Family Enduro Flyer:



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