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Welcome to, created and updated by Ryan Moss.  My hopes are to post news about upcoming enduro events, results from each race, and points standings from each series.  The series that I try to cover are: AMA District 14, 16, 17, 23 and IERA events.  I will try to provide a simple and efficient way of getting the information out to the Midwest Enduro Riders.




I want to help promote your event and to provide information to the riders.  So get your information to me and I will get it posted up for you.  I can post before / after race information, route sheets, results, etc.  Preferred methods are Microsoft Excel, Word, or PDF Files.


New Enduro Riders:


Please check out the About Enduros tab to get information about the sport of enduros.  Lots of your questions can be answered there.




Lansing MC Jack Pine Enduro Results:

Pine Cone results    Jack Pine Results    Rider Survey

Singletrack Off-Road Events Grizzly / Baby Bear Update:

Baby Bear Update:

The 2014 Baby Bear is going to be a great event! The first loop will be approximately 11 miles, including a nice mix of two-tracks, quad trails, and some tighter single track.

The first loop will loop back to staging for gas and a break, and then the second loop will start. The second loop will include riding the first loop again, and then an additional 5.5 miles of nice new single track.

The kids and adults (big kids) will enjoy this one!

Grizzly Update:

The Grizzly has taken a lot of work this year to put together, but it is going to be one to remember! The trails are all "awesome", and we guarantee plenty of arrows this year.

As always there will be some hills, some mud, some tight single track, and plenty of new stuff that is sure to please! We are looking at approximately 46 miles of event trail and only 18 miles of road. There will be 3 opportunities for gas, and a couple good areas for spectators.

We have well over $1,000 worth of swag and rebate certificates to raffle off. Rekluse, Sunstar, Pivot works, Vertex, Hot Rod Cams, and Cylinder Works have been very generous to us with gift certificates.

Once again, Yoders have allowed us to stage on their property as in years past, and you will be hard-pressed to find a nicer barn to sign-up and hand-out awards in. If you see them around, be sure and thank them!

Pre-entry ends on August 31st (this Sunday) so get it done!

Thanks, and the Grizzly Crew is looking forward to seeing all of you the weekend of September 6th - 7th!

Flyer    Online Sign up

Family Enduro Series Fall Family Classic Enduro Flyer:


Muddobbers Enduro Row Assignments:



South Eastern Wisconsin Enduro Riders Cranberry Bog Enduro Flyer:


Lansing MC Jack Pine Enduro Update:

Update from Fred Thompson, LMC:

88 ground miles, 7 sections for the A/AA riders, 6 sections for the B's and 5 sections for C, 60+ and Ladies classes.

A great deal of new trail - over 25 miles of new stuff and the rest only rode once. Two gas stops, plus another gas available. Gas route is 45 miles long. Most sections are between 6-8 miles. Traction is primo! See you next weekend!

Jack Pine Row Assignments    Pine Cone Row Assignments

Grapevine Family Enduro Article:


Forest City Rides Greg Moss Memorial Hare Scramble Info:

I know it's a HS so it doesn't belong but its my dads memorial race and it's a good HS with real single track so the enduro crowd always likes it.  

Check out Forest City Riders or WFO Promotions for more info.


Hill and Gully Riders Little Summer Bummer Results and Event Survey:

Saturday Results    Sunday Event Survey

Riders MC Turkey Creek and Turkey Gobbler event flyer:

Flyer    Online sign up will be annouced soon.

District 17 Enduro Points Updated:

Points    Let me know if there are any issues. 

NOTE: Super Senior Riders.  When there is split A and B classes I have to combine them and score the class that way since D17 only has one SS class.  So this could be why if your an A rider and get 4th in 50A but then for points you are listed as 6th.  Same goes for B riders you may get 2nd in 50B but for points you are listed as 6th.  Any questions let me know.  

District 16 Enduro Points Update:



Hill and Gully Riders Summer Bummer Review:

A great weekend for enduro races, too bad many riders missed Saturdays event.  The rider turn out was very low which is disappointing since the club works hard to put on an enduro.  But with other races getting rescheduled to the same date I can see why the turnout was low.  Seems that everyone should work together to make sure enduros get the best rider turnout as possible since we don't have a ton around anymore.  

Anyway, hope everyone had a good time and thanks to club for putting it on.  Saturday had D17 taken the top 5 overall with Anthony Krivi taking the win.  Sunday had some suprise rides in the AA class including the Overall Winner Duell Murphy.  D14 riders showed up taking the next two spots and D17 riders taken the next couple spots.  

As soon as I get Saturday's results I'll get them posted.

Sunday's Results are here: Sunday Results

District 17 Schedule Update:

The Little Egypt Big Dawg Enduro will not be scheduled this year.  Please pass the word.


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